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Vinal has been consulting with D A Global Logistics P/L for the last 7 years in the role of Financial Controller.


He brings a wealth of experience & knowledge with Accounting, Financing, & Taxation matters within our Industry.


He has implemented changes to our accounting & reporting  procedures for the benefit of the company & has also been able to make significant savings for the company with various taxation matters, under the direction and supervision of our external tax agent/accountants.


He is confident in dealing with the Company’s Bankers, Auditors, & Accountants & has also gained their respect.


His experience has been invulnerable this year with the numerous Government Taxation changes and Incentives introduced.

During the COVID 19 Pandemic he has successfully applied for various exemptions & grants,  

under the direction and supervision of our external tax agent/accountants.


Vinal is honest & reliable.


He has the favour & support of management, clients & staff.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Financial Control Services.


Dom Altobelli

Managing Director

September 2020

I have known Vinal since 2007 at Yusen Logistics Australia at which time Vinal was our Financial Controller for Australia. He always displayed a pleasant and willing disposition and helped me with accounting matters in relation to our customers at that time.


We engaged Vinal in 2014 to act as the company accountant for our company CFR Line in Australia. The main requirement is to look after all general accounting matters including local/foreign bank accounts reconciliations, review and advise on company P&L results and Balance Sheet; review and advise on Customer Profitability & Gross Margin Analysis; review and advise on Receivables, Payables, WIPs/Accrual, Working capital management; review of General Ledger, Job Costing reconciliations and Bank reconciliations; Cashflow and Foreign Exchange management; Payroll management; and general strategic accounting/business advice.


During this time Vinal has served the company very well and has performed the contracted requirements diligently (and ethical due diligence is important to myself and our company and Vinal can 100% be relied upon in this regard). All functions are performed in a timely and concise matter.


I would have no hesitation in referring Vinal T/A Financial Control services - Freight-forwarding & logistics to any prospective customers.

Ian Davies  |  Director

CFR Line Aus. Pty Limited

July 2020

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